America’s Most Expensive Rental Known for “Godfather” Horse Head

The rich and famous don’t always purchase homes; sometimes they rent. So what is the most expensive rental property in America? The Beverly House in Beverly Hills, CA, a mansion going for a whopping $600,000 a month.

Most people will recognize this home from “The Godfather” movie. It was used in the scene where a gangster wakes up to a bloody horse head in his bed. However, that’s not the only reason why the Beverly House is famous.


There are several reasons why this home is going for such a hefty rental price. The Beverly House was the place where William Randolph Hearst spent his last days after moving out of his San Simeon mansion, or the Hearst Castle. The property was purchased for Hearst by Marion Davies in 1946.

In addition, the Beverly House was the beautiful place where John F. Kennedy and Jackie honeymooned. It was also where the movie “The Bodyguard” — starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston — was filmed.

In addition to a famous history, the Beverly House is coveted for its beauty and ambiance.  Located at 1011 North Beverly Drive, this 50,000-square-foot property sits on 3.7 acres and boasts 17 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms. The property features a guesthouse with an eight-car garage, a two-bedroom apartment, a security home, a four-bedroom gate cottage, two theater rooms, a spa, and a nightclub. One can easily entertain 400 guests in the outdoor terrace.

The second most expensive rental property on the market is Pierce Brosnan’s home in Malibu, going for less than half the price of the Beverly House, according to Curbed. Of course, if you can afford it, the Beverly House can be yours for the current asking price of $115 million.