Energy Efficient Windows Lower Costs and Protect Your Home

When doing a home energy audit, many people fail to take into account one of the prime sources of energy inefficiencies – the doors and windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing old windows with energy efficient windows can help lower a person’s household energy bills by seven to 15 percent each month. Over time, this can add up to a savings of hundreds of dollars a year along with helping the environment by reducing a household’s carbon footprint and lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

It’s important to search for ENERGY STAR rated windows when looking to improve the efficiency of your home. The interior of these windows retains heat during the winter, creating fewer “cold spots” that require more energy to cool. Likewise, they also reduce the “heat gain” cause by summer sun without reducing the overall light that comes into your home. They can even reduce sun damage to photos, flooring and other items in your home.

It’s not just windows that can cause problems. Inefficient doors and skylights can also cause drafts and require more power to heat in the winter or cool off in the summer. The best way to find out how you can save significant money in your energy costs and protect your valuables from damage is to have a professional energy audit conducted by home insulation contractors such as the Home Energy Team. By performing a full audit, trained and certified experts can help you to reduce your energy costs and reduce your energy usage.