Cayman Islands, Perfect Place for a Vacation House

The Cayman Islands are the dream destination for just about anyone living in the United States.  Let us face the facts, we all live in a very on-the-go society and there is nothing better than being able to escape to a tropical resort where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy everything that an island lifestyle has to offer.  Cayman Islands offers one of the best beaches in the world.  Real estate in Cayman Islands is booming and now is the time to buy.

 photo CaymanIslands_zpsdca2c04e.jpg

There are a lot of benefits to owning property in the Cayman Islands.  The biggest benefit is the fact that there really is not that much in terms of taxes.  There are no income taxes in the Cayman Islands, as well as no property taxes.  On top of that, there is also no such thing as a capital gains tax in the Cayman Islands.  When you can hop on a plane and get to the Cayman Islands in as little as three hours, what better option is there to escape to a tropical place without spending a fortune on things that are not going to increase in value over time, such as paying taxes.

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