Home Additions and Remodels: What You Need to Know

Summary: Before you remodel your home, consult a construction consultant to be sure your designs are up to spec.

Planning to make an addition to your home? Home values can increase with the proper additions, but you need to make sure that you follow city ordinances when you’re building. It’s best to seek the advice of construction claims consultants before you begin a project, even if it’s a small one. You never know what safety violations you may be unintentionally violating.

Design the Project

You will need to zone your project, so you will need to take a trip to your Department of Construction Service Center to find out which laws apply to your project. You will need the legal description of your property, which includes the address and size of the lot itself. Then you can begin to draw the plans for your project. Measurements should be relative to property lines, and you will need to double check that your distance is accurate during this phase. If there is a dispute over the project, a construction claim analysis will review every aspect of your claim so make sure you have everything accurate.

Submit the Plans

Once your plans are drawn, you will need to submit them to the city for final approval. If you had any portion of your design engineered, be sure that you submit the original drawings and the accompanying calculations. Once you have approval, construction can begin. Just be sure that you go through a formal inspection process before the project is completed. You should be sure that your new addition is safe to use or inhabit.

Lyle Charles helps contractors and businesses prepare construction claims. Lyle Charles is also an expert witness, with years of commercial construction experience.