How Daily Reports for Construction Projects Can Improve

Summary: Daily reports are one of the most important, and arduous, tasks that a construction site should take care of. It can be the difference-maker if a legal issue were present.

One of the most underrated parts of a construction project includes creating a detailed set of reports on a consistent basis. Typically, your standard report lacks the necessary data. If a problem or issue were to arise, this may not be enough to sway the judge.

Even when no problems come up and there is efficient production, project management principles and daily reporting must always be kept up to date. Here are some tips that’ll provide you with the assets you need, in case you are sucked into the construction claims management process.

Always Keep Reports

Construction teams tend to believe that details should only be added when necessary. However, detailed reporting must be created even on days where nothing occurs. How can you prove to a construction consulting specialist that issues were not arising on the so-called “normal day” if a report was not even filed in the first place?

Document Other Projects

Producing daily reports that detail other projects with similar conditions will put the contractor in a better position than just simply stating the project estimate. Realistically, the daily reports from another contract will also add legitimacy to the estimate itself, while removing some of the skepticism coming from the owner paying out claims based on the total cost approach.

Thus, it makes sense that you seek out advice from a construction law specialist such as Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting. This way, you’ll cover all bases if a claim were to arise.