How To Determine Your Main Door According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the practice of directing energy around the home. Feng shuit relies on what is called a “bagua,” which is like a map of potential energy spots for the home. The front door of your home, that is the door that was constructed to be the front door of your home, is considered the main door.

Even though you may use the patio or garage doors more often, feng shui dictates that the front door of your home is the source of all energy.

Secondary doors like your garage or patio door are still important to the flow of energy in your home. You should keep these spaces free from junk, as open as possible and aesthetically pleasing. This affects how you enter and leave the home, which is directly related to your energy levels throughout the day.

Having a main door that is pleasing and open does not negate the effect of your secondary doors either. A garage door that is surrounded by clutter is just as detrimental to your health as not cleaning the space around your main door.

Doors and windows are the most important elements to feng shui as they allow the most energy to flow through the home. This energy is pulled from the outside world through “the mouth of Chi,” or the front door. Choosing a front door that is aesthetically pleasing, free from obstruction, and generally well-maintained is extremely important for the flow of Chi in your home.


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