How to extend the life of your couch

Written by The Foam Factory

A couch is the key piece of any living room. It might sometimes take months or even years to find the perfect couch that blends both functionality and comfort. However, with several years of use, you might have started to notice that your couch foam is no longer providing an adequate support. A saggy or droopy sofa often leads to pains in the neck and back area. If you are not looking to buy a new couch, there are some simple steps that you can take to give a new life to your existing one.

Foam replacement

Replacing the foam is one of the most important changes to bring. If you have carried out DIY projects before, you might opt to do this yourself. You would only have to open the cover and take out the worn out foam. The next step will be to measure down the dimensions of the foam and to order new custom-cut foams. This time around, you could opt for more robust closed-cell foams.

Cover change

If the covers of your sofa seat cushions are worn out, you might extend the life of your couch by changing them. This will be the opportunity to add a modern twist to your old furniture. The new cushion covers could be made in trendy colors such as green or turquoise. Alternatively, you might opt for modern designs and patterns or a new type of material such as linen or leather.

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