“Ameircan Idol” House off the Market, Sold for $11.2 Million

Would you purchase an infamous mansion in Los Angeles even though you heard it was haunted? One man did. Despite rumors that the place is occupied by spirits, the 15,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles, California has been sold to billionaire Steven B. Dunn, owner of Munchkin, Inc. The new owner purchased the property late July for $11.2 million, much less than the asking price of $12 million.

Before the sale, however, the luxurious Beverly Hills mansion was the temporary living space of 11 American Idol contestants, many of whom swore the place was haunted. So just what did the American Idol contestants see while living at the mansion? One contestant said they saw a bed sheet floating down a hallway. Another, James Durbin, told Ok Magazine that he saw a hand in the garage and swore others saw it, too. And if that wasn’t enough, Season 8 contestant, Anoop Desi, told People Magazine that Alison Iraheta said she communicated with a “friendly but mischievous spirit,” whom she named “Phyliss.” Apparently the complaints were so bad that the show’s producers moved the 11 contestants from season 10 into a new property.

But the home is a beauty, which is why it was destined to be sold. Situated on two acres of land in the coveted Bel Air area, the “haunted” mansion features nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a large pool and a motor court that can fit nearly 100 cars. The grand interior is graced with marble nearly everywhere while the impressive exterior features tropical waterfalls, a pool table and a koi pond.

In addition to the ghost stories, contestants also complained that the mansion was in “poor” condition. Stefano Langone claimed the place was “falling apart,” while Naima Adedapo said it was “not up to par.” Apparently the place had a spider infestation, flickering lights and a leaky roof caused by a recent rainstorm. And even though the mansion featured nine bathrooms, the girls from season 10 had to share one.

Ghost stories and a few minor dents didn’t stop Dunn from purchasing the mansion. In 2008, Dunn’s baby product company made more than $100 million in sales.