Insuring a Home or Condo in Temecula

Summary: You will need property insurance if you plan to buy real estate in Temecula, California.

Temecula properties offer beautiful vistas in an area where costs are still relatively low. The city is also near fault lines, and is part of the driest region in the United States. That means anything from brush fires to landslides. It’s crucial to have homeowner insurance in Temecula, and here is what you are purchasing.

Protections Offered

Home insurance will cover the interior and exterior of your home from natural hazards. Typical policies will cover damage from sources like lightning, and may cover human sources like vandalism or theft. It isn’t used to cover your sewage system, and it won’t help you deal with mold.

Condominium insurance in Temecula covers what the HOA agreement doesn’t, with a few exceptions. It usually covers everything within the four main walls of your condo. You should also pay close attention to the difference of cash value versus the cost of replacement.

Basic Costs

You’re paying for the costs of the insurance company to assume the risks of your property. You will need your home insurance policy as things in your home begin to break down. Although there is a deductible associated with your policy, you will often find that having insurance softens the blow of the work you need done.

Top Insurance Providers

Temecula insurance provider Right Source Insurance is one of the best in the business. The company offers bundle plans, designed to help you save money on your insurance services. Visit them online or in-person. Right Source Insurance is located at:

Right Source Insurance
43015 Blackdeer Loop, Suite 204
Temecula, CA 92590