Islands: Climate

When many people think about owning a private island, having a slice of tropical paradise is the image that springs to mind. However, there are several climate options available for those who are looking for something other than a place to catch a tan. The aforementioned tropical islands are generally those located in between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer. If those aren’t to your liking, you might be a fan of Mediterranean islands. These generally have warm temperatures but less rainfall. Aside from the Mediterranean itself, islands of this variety can be found in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Canary Islands, and so on. Temperate islands are a good choice for those who prefer cooler temperature and might be more interested in an island that’s closer to home. You can find these islands in the northern United States, Canada, and northern Europe. Be sure to learn more about each climate type to decide what’s best for you.

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