Jay Leno’s Beverly Hills Homes — Indisputably Plush

Another American talk show host with a consummately impressive home is Jay Leno, the host of The Tonight Show. Now, Leno has been involved in controversy for some time on account of an imbroglio involving Conan O’Brien, the red-headed comedic host who was supposed to take over The Tonight Show franchise, but didn’t. One thing there is no controversy about, however, is Jay Leno’s fabulous California home in Beverly Hills, and his even more fabulous, and extensive, car collection.


Like Fallon, Jay Leno hails from New York state — he was born in New Rochelle. But he has been in California for such a long time that it’s safe to say that he went West Coast-native a long time ago. He bought his current home in 1987 for $2.45 million. The swanky home has obviously kept him well satisfied through the years. With 6,000 square feet and then some, he has plenty of space in the main residence to live in comfort. That square footage reportedly includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms. For all lovers of TV, it’s by far an added bonus that his address includes the famous (or chicly infamous?) zip code 90210.

The property lot, which is nice for a Los Angeles home, totals a little bit over half an acre. The house itself was built up from the ground in 1978. It’s undeniable that Leno’s house has garnered so much attention because of the exquisite car collection inside it. Given its treasures, it’s unlikely Leno will be leaving this home behind any time soon.