Mega Mansions For Sale are Back

The saying, the bigger is better, is back; at least when it comes to homes. Despite the four-year housing downturn, some of the wealthiest people in the nation are busy building for themselves mega mansions that are as impressive as their bank accounts.

The first mega mansion on our list is the latest home of Anthony Pritzker, the heir of Hyatt Hotel. This private family residence is a 49,300-square-foot compound that features luxury amenities such as a hairdressing room, gym, and bowling alley. Designed by architecture firm in Paris, this mega mansion is located in the hills of Los Angeles.

Another mega mansion to make the list is a 25,900-square-foot, Colonial-style home built by Hedge-fund manager Cliff Asness. This impressive beauty located in Greenwich, Connecticut boasts an indoor swimming pool and tennis court. Not so far away, another impressively large home is being built for Lee Weinstein, founder of Xand. His 31,500-square-foot mansion features 15 bathrooms, a 2,500-square-foot master suite, and a basement with a wine cellar, theater, juice bar, sauna, records show, and dance studio.

And if you’re still not impressed, consider the home just twenty miles away, being built for Melissa and Doug Bernstein, owners of a company that makes educational children’s toys. Their giant compound encompasses more than 29,500 square feet of land and boasts a guest cottage, pool cabana, and a gym partially covered by glass. The compound also features a playground, tennis court, and a pool.

The next mega mansion on our list is being built in Silicon Valley for co-founders of a cell phone insurance provider, Jim and Jenna Ellis. The plans for this mansion feature property longer in length than a football field, that is expected to feature several garages, including a showroom for cars with a glass wall that is connected to the family room, making is possible for family and guests to view the cars from the interior of the home.