Re-Facing Projects for Home Owners

Renovating is expensive, but you can get the same value out of re-facing projects in your home. With these tips, you’ll know which areas of the home to target.

Reface Cabinets

New homeowners will enter a house thinking everything needs to be replaced, when in reality, it might just need a reface. Re-facing cabinets is one of the cheapest fixes you can make to a home, and it will totally change your kitchen. Cabinet faces are very affordable, and you can easily find styles to match what you want. Don’t be afraid to switch things up either. Take one cabinet and use a glass panel to show off fine China or drinking glasses.

Reface Doors

Adding accessories to your door can give your entryway new appeal. A rustic looking iron fixture on the front, or even a door knocker are all good ideas. You can change the moulding around your door to add a layer of creativity to it. A door knob can also give your door more character. Try removing your wood door and sanding it down. Then stain the door to match the trim of your home.

Simple Tips for Value

When you reface something in your home, try to find the cheapest method for doing so. For instance, instead of replacing every cabinet door, could you replace knobs instead? Could you perhaps repaint the cabinets to match the colors you want? The more willing you are to try new color and style combinations, the more options you’ll have that add value without breaking the bank.

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