Roof Repair Tips

The home’s roof is its primary protection against the elements. It’s also one of the most difficult parts of the home to repair. From knowing when to repair the roof to deciding who should do the job, there are many things about roof repair home owners may not know. Some roofing contractors in may try to make you do unnecessary work on your roof. Be informed. Read on and learn more about knowing when to have your roof repaired.

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Without having to climb a ladder, you can visually inspect your roof from the ground. Grab a pair of binoculars and look for dark spots, missing shingles or misshapen lines.  These may be signs of wear and tear that need to be remedied. When you want to take a closer look, inspect your roof for mold or decay. Be on alert for sag or unevenness. Cupping and buckling are indicators of a weak frame so be extra vigilant when checking these out. Tears, puckering and looseness are also signs of damage. If you’ve had minor work done on your roof in the past, look for patching or tarring. Take note of these warning signs and call on your local contractors.

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