Seven Mile Beach Condos Offer Great Value in Grand Cayman

Located near the center of everything, Seven Mile Beach offers some of the hottest real estate in Grand Cayman with several new developments slated for the coming years. Some of those Cayman Islands condos are already completed, offering an incredible view of the ocean and a prime location with access to the best parts of the city.

Tourism Surge

Two critical aspects of Cayman Island infrastructure support the idea that tourism will see a surge in the coming years. The first is the expansion of the airport, which some could argue was long overdue. The second is improved ports and access to the island by boat. All of these visitors are going to need places to stay, and many of these people will be younger and might not have children. It would be a good idea to invest in property on Grand Cayman that caters to these guests. A modern condo offers excellent amenities for a “slice of life” feel that attracts tourists from all over the world.




Rental Prices

One can net a reasonable rental income from a property in Grand Cayman if you are willing to market. The rental market is also flexible because the income is not taxable. This frees landlords up to be a bit more competitive in pricing when times are tough while still maintaining a sustainable profit margin.

Seven Mile Beach shows very little sign of slowing its growth and the new developments offer an attractive option for the savvy investor.