Simple Methods that Can Reduce Claims

Summary: By implementing the right methods, you can avoid claims and save money in the process.

For every construction project, there will be obstacles that will impede the end result. Whether it’s on the contractor’s end, the architect’s, or even the owner’s, it’s important that you ensure each party is working together seamlessly and documenting every aspect of the construction site’s progress.

This article is designed to help guide you in the right direction.

Document Electronically and Back Everything Up

Whatever role that you play within the construction project, it’s important that you document every step of the way. Whether it’s a small change in the blueprint or a short meeting with another party, you want to always remain prepared to back up your end in the case that a claim arises. Remember, when there is a dispute, a third party like a construction & turnaround services company will look at each party to determine who’s at fault and you may be on the receiving end of it.

And, to make matters worse, claims can take a lengthy amount of time especially if they reach the litigation stage. This means more delays on the project that may extend beyond the deadline. With today’s advanced construction sites, this means more claims are being brought to the forefront due to the massive amounts of workers involved. A simple injury could result in the entire construction site being shut down for a certain amount of days.

Always Communicate With One Another

While doing anything you can to complete the job should always be at the forefront, it should also be noted that the right communication with every party should also be emphasized as well. Without the proper communication, mistakes can occur. And what ensues is what you’re probably thinking – a claim being drafted.

Lyle Charles Consulting, a construction specialty company with decades of experience, recommends that if you are going through a series of miscommunication that you speak with a construction claim analyst to ensure that this problem gets resolved immediately. As stated before, the more time that passes, the more issues will arise when the deadline looms nearer.

It’s wise not to overlook taking precautionary measures because a perfect project is less than likely. In today’s complex construction industry, it’s nearly impossible for a project to be completed without at least one type of claim coming up. At times it can be nobody’s fault. For example, if the weather took a turn for the worst and workers are unable to continue in these dangerous conditions, a claim can be brought up. Accidents happen, weather changes occur, and delays will eventually start to rear its ugly face. It’s all about managing these incidents and planning ahead.