Staging Tips: Re-Upholstering Couches

When you’re looking to sell your home, most real estate agents will recommend that you stage it to make the space look livable. This allows you to demonstrate to potential buyers what their lives might look like if they bought your home. If you own a luxury home, everything inside should be kept to impeccable standards.

One of the easiest blemishes to overlook is saggy couch filling. The couch is the centerpiece of the living room. If your couch upholstery has holes in it, the cushions sag, or it look uninviting, these tips will help.

Re-Upholstering Tips

First, locate your couch cushions and feel around the sides of them for a zipper at the seams. If you find a zipper, your life just got a whole lot easier. Simply unzip the cushion and remove the old cushions to replace with new cushions. Zip the cushion back up and you’re done: voila!

Without a zipper, custom cushions can become a bit complicated. You may need to go to your local craft store and find some matching fabrics. If you can, rent or borrow a sewing machine. The strength of that stitch will be far superior than what you can do by hand.

Cleaning Tips

There is a simple way to clean most fabric couches. Simple sprinkle a heaping helping of baking soda and let it set for a minute. The baking soda helps to unlock all the bad smells that accumulate over the years, and leaves the couch nice and clean.

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