The benefits of working with experts in claims management systems

Written by Lyle Charles

Delays are one of the main reasons why constructions claims arise, which are mainly due to delays in construction and delivery of supplies and materials, changes, poor construction, termination of the contract by one party, and failure of those involved in the project to work together.

Construction claims analysis will help construction firms manage their construction claims effectively. Construction claim consultants will be able to guide and negotiate claims to arrive at the best outcomes.

A construction claims expert will start by analyzing the firm and its claim(s) and provide approaches that will help to remedy the problem. Construction claims experts will also identify potential causes of claims at an early stage and teach clients how to create claim documentation. Documenting claims is an important process in construction projects as it will help the firm implement contact controls that will protect the firm from future claims. Experts will also help to foster stronger relationships between all stakeholders of a project, from the owner to the designer to the contractor.

It is also important that the experts hired, establishes and corrects the pricing of claims. This process involves the analysis of the facts of the contract compared to the standards and practices of the industry.

Clients are often informed about the early signs of a construction claim situation and are recommend appropriate measures to rectify the issue(s).

Lyle Charles is an expert in commercial and residential construction and construction claims management.