The Dangers of a New House, and How to Avoid Them

When purchasing a new house, the tendency is to leap before looking. In the rush to find what appears to be one of the few available homes for sale, new home owners can sometimes make hasty decisions and neglect important safety measures. Without a home inspection, buyers can find themselves in situations that could be rather costly. But even more so, they can place their very health at risk.

Every home can have an instance or two of mold. Poor ventilation and moisture rich environments can produce this growing health risk. However, as quick as it can develop, most small instances can be taken care of with a minimum of effort. And yet, houses that have constant mold issues can cause some serious risks, such as upper respiratory infections, severe allergic reactions, and problems with immune system disorders. A piece of real estate with constant mold problems should be avoided. The expenses to get rid of mold may be pretty small, but the cost to find a permanent solution is a vastly different story.

Poisonous and toxic materials can be a health issue as well. Asbestos, lead paint, and Chinese drywall all have possess health risks. Lung disorders, lead exposure, and sulfur poisoning are potential dangers in a home built with these products,

Almost all of these problems can be hidden in plain sight. And without the eyes of a professional, a home owner can become the unfortunate recipient of many new bills and financial problems. Better to spend a few bucks now instead of wasting a great deal later. Both your health and your wallet will thank you.