Update on the Glendale Real Estate Market

Many people living in and around Glendale have been talking about the current state of the real estate market.  While there has been talk that it’s not a good time to buy, that’s actually not true at all!  A recent Glendale market report showed that the market is on the up and up for a few reasons.

In February of 2013, there was a standstill of homes selling.  The homes being put on the market dropped steadily from December and January.  This also meant that the amount of homes being sold dropped as well.  There were a few reasons for this shift in the market.  Many families received assistance from the various government  programs which helped them to refinance and modify their home loans.  Most people probably assumed that the prices and interest rates would continue to rise.

From February until June of 2013, there was some fluctuation in the number of homes for sale.  The month of June saw a huge increase.  February was a period of time where demand was much higher than supply.  June changed this dynamic dramatically, meaning many more homes are now on the market for sale.

So, what does all of this mean for buyers?  Quite simply, now is a great time for people to buy in Glendale.  There is a great selection of houses right now to meet the demand of all the buyers out there.  Now is definitely the right time to act if you’re looking to buy in Glendale.