Use Wonderful Sights and Scents to Sell a Home

Most successful agents know that great presentation is the cornerstone of real estate sales. Before an open house event, it’s important to use details large and small to convince prospective buyers that this house is their new home. Use visual and even sensory cues to accomplish a successful open house:

”Sign-In, Please”

The property owner should create a positive first impression from the very first step of asking the visitor to the open house to sign in. Next to the sign-in station, leave an open book with attractive images and all the details about the home, including the current state of repairs, local schools, costs of monthly utilities, maps, and history of the location. Some buyers use an appealing scrap book format to intensify the homey feeling of this presentation.

Leave attractive color brochures about the property at the designated exit so that potential buyers and/or agents can refresh their memories with ease later on.

Solar Installs

If the home has rooftop solar or any solar installs, it’s important for the new owner to know. According to “The Wall Street Journal,” eighty percent of property buyers want solar installs. This fact can improve the home’s marketability and yield a higher sales price.

Smells of Home

Property sellers should consider how their home smells to the prospective buyer. Smells of a litter box or ashtray may not bother the owner but it can offend visitors to the open house. Air out the house completely before an open house: open the windows to let fresh air circulate and/or rent air purifying machines to eliminate these scents. The very best home smell, according to Realtor Magazine, is a clean, fresh scent, such as that of a freshly-cleaned home. Citrus cleaning products and other natural scents are very buyer-friendly. Baking spicy cookies or keeping a pot of mulled cider on warm are also buyer-proven scents of home.


Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of the seventh largest real-estate firm in the United States. Kuba Jewgieniew began Realty ONE Group in 2005.