Finding the Right Interior Door for Your Home

Written by ETO Doors.


Adding a new door inside your home is more than a matter of functionality. It can also provide a much-needed boost to the overall decor of your house. For example, installing new mahogany interior doors is the perfect way to spruce up a house and add some classic beauty to the rooms.


One of the best things about making the decision to purchase new interior doors is that you will have plenty of options. There are countless styles of doors to choose from along with materials and you any combination can work for you. Whether you want interior wood doors or doors made of an engineered wood product, you can find a door that will work for your interior design.


However, this can also be a challenge as the sheer number of options available to homeowners during the redecorating process can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to know some of the popular choices ahead of time so you can do your shopping with confidence.


Here are a few of the options that you will have when researching new interior doors:


Materials: In most cases, interior doors are either made from solid wood or MDF. The difference is that solid wood interior doors such as mahogany doors have a solid core, which means that there is wood throughout the depth of the door. MDF doors usually have a hollow core, which makes them lighter but can also feel flimsy. However, MDF does have some advantages such as the price and the fact that it is less likely to warp over time.


Styles: You’ll find a variety of styles of interior doors. Each of them can be perfect for your home depending on your needs:


  • Panel Doors: These are the classic interior door that you might see leading to bedrooms. They are thick, one-piece doors that swing out. Typically, they will have solid cores to provide as much noise control as possible.
  • Bifold Doors: These doors are often found in closets but can be used anywhere that space is tight. They have two panels that fold up like an accordion when the door swings open.
  • Pocket Doors: A pocket door is the perfect solution when there is absolutely no space for doors to swing open, such as in the bathroom or in a small home. They slide completely into the wall so they are totally invisible when opened.
  • Glass Panel Doors: You can choose a door with decorative windows for spaces where privacy isn’t a premium.


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