Green Building Projects Thrive in Grand Cayman

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Summary: Buildings with green architecture help improve the value of Cayman Island properties.

A new trend is sweeping through the Cayman Islands, the trend of eco-friendly architecture. The island chain recently got its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified home. A green building council has been established, and membership has grown to include more than 18,000 members. Those who hold real estate in Grand Cayman are excited by this development for a number of reasons.

Utility Costs Decrease

The first advantage is the most obvious one, but it is also the most practical. Decreased utility costs mean more money in the pockets of homeowners. A lot of commercial real estate in Cayman has already made this change, and is seeing the benefit of lower utility costs and more efficient structures. It’s also easier to find tenants for a building that has lower utility costs, and offers a cleaner workspace.

Green Doesn’t Change the Style

Cayman architecture varies in style all over the island, blending beach bungalow styles with modern design trends. Green buildings aren’t setting newer standards in design, merely building on existing ideas. Simple changes like spray foam insulation, low flow plumbing, and hurricane-rated windows improve without altering the property in significant ways. A dated condo on Cayman Islands can receive one of these eco-friendly revamps without an invasive construction process.

Long Term Value

Modern home owners want a self-contained structure that is move-in ready, so green architecture represents a high return on investment. Eco-friendly architecture, including LEED certified homes, offer long-term value to home owners living on the island and those who plan to sell.

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