Ideas to Refurbish the Living Room

Written by: The Foam Factory

Is your living room looking tired and old? Are your fixtures looking outdated, and your furniture looking worn? You can give your living room a refurbishing for minimal cost to you if you know some simple tricks. If you can use sandpaper and operate a screwdriver or a hammer, you can do any of these refurbishing projects yourself.

Start with the Sofa

We tend to spend a lot of time sitting on the sofa, and that can wear the cushions and support over time. That’s one of the first places to start when you’re working on a refurbishing project. Sofa seat cushions are easy to replace with foam designed to cushion you. This isn’t Styrofoam either, you can use flexible polyurethane or even upgrade to memory foam. All pieces are easy to custom cut and have shipped to you online. From there, you just need to determine if or how you want to reupholster the couch.

Entertainment Center

If your entertainment center is made of real wood, take a sheet of sandpaper and start rubbing away that old finish. Re-stain it to a color that you prefer and completely change the aesthetic of the living room. Even particle board can take a base coat of paint and then a new finish. If you are running a stereo system, you can take this opportunity to soundproof things with a custom cushion behind the amp. Foam absorbs bass, so you can dampen the effects of a louder system and contain the sound to your room alone.


Lighting is easy to install and it’s one of the most cost-effective investments you can make to add more character to a room. Warmer or cooler lighting helps give your space a particular color and sets the mood in the home. Imagine nights with dim lights and days with lots of sunlight in your home. A trendy-looking chandelier can cost you just a few hundred dollars, or you can install track lighting for even less. It all depends on the look you want, but lighting offers you the chance to reimagine your space and highlight different angles.

Other Considerations

You can use accessories to add to the living room as well. Old books are a popular one, but lots of people opt for upholstered custom foam cushions in front of the fire place as a seating area, or on the couch for extra padding.

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