Online vs. In the Store: Advantages and Disadvantages when Buying New Bedding

There are many benefits to buying online that a brick and mortar store just can’t provide. If you’re thinking about purchasing new bedding at your local retailer, you may want to take another look at these pros and cons associated with it compared to buying your new linens online.

Pros In Store:

By being at the store, you’re able to get a feel for each piece to find what is most comfortable for you. This is especially useful if you are new to purchasing bedding and unsure of what would best fit your needs.

The staff on hand are often more than willing to point in the direction of the brands and products that you may be interested in.

Cons In Store:

Bedding stores that sell quality products may not be available in your immediate vicinity, they may even require you to drive an hour or longer just to see what they have.

Even then, you’re not guaranteed to find something that you like while also being in your price range. You might end up buying bed sheets that you aren’t completely satisfied with just to make sure you don’t have to make a return trip.



When shopping online, you never need to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home. Want to purchase duvet covers in a few spare minutes before you’ve gotten around for work? Or while eating lunch? No problem!

Businesses are able to carry a wider selection in their online storefronts, which will help ensure you find the perfect set for your tastes and comfort. It also costs companies less money to sell online; saving which they often pass onto you.

This may seem obvious, but anything you purchase online will be mailed to you; this minimizes the time commitment of buying new linens and its impact on a busy schedule.

While you may need to pay a shipping fee for items that you buy, it is rarely more than the cost of gas and time it would take you to go to the a store yourself.


Because of the required shipping time back to the store, returning an item may take longer than if you just returned it to the store yourself. Of course, if you’re shopping online from a retailer with a physical store in your area, you may be able to return your purchase there anyway.

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