Protect your outdoor furniture with covers

Outdoor furniture requires as much care, maintenance, and attention as indoor furniture. Just because the furniture is meant for an outdoor location does not imply that it does not require protection from the elements. The most convenient method of protecting outdoor furniture is to use a furniture cover. Here are some guidelines when choosing a cover to protect your outdoor furniture:


A good outdoor furniture cover will not be cheap. However, this is an item that is worth the cost. The cheaper covers do not provide the kind of protection you will want for your expensive outdoor furniture and Dryfast foam cushions. A good cover will more than justify its cost by protecting your furniture from all the extremes of weather. You can even use a furniture cover to protect boat cushions.


Two primary traits of a good cover will be its weight and durability. The material will need to withstand the elements every day for years. The typical cheap covers are made out of vinyl and will last a couple of years at the most.


Some covers will even come with additional features like Elastic hems, Velcro, and zippers for easy opening and placement. After all, when the weather does turn bad, you need to be able to cover all the furniture as quickly as possible. Even these zippers and hems will need to weather the sun, rain and harsh UV rays.


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