Square Footage Consideration in Older Homes


Written by: The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

As an important location throughout many pivotal events in history, the city of Richmond, Virginia boasts numerous historical landmarks. There are beautiful sites to see to witness glimpses of the city’s past, including St. John’s Church, Monument Avenue, and the Virginia Capitol. Among these places of interest are newer housing developments, as well as homes with a little more history within their walls. There are many options if you are looking to relocate to Richmond.

Making a real estate investment into an older home has its perks. Construction trends change often, and older houses can offer interesting architecture with plenty of character. They often have lower prices, and give the buyer the opportunity to renovate the home as they see fit. Something to consider while shopping, though, especially with older homes, is space. The average person’s lifestyle has changed significantly over the past century, and people now tend to require more living space. Taking a closer look at closets and each individual room’s square footage can greatly pay off for customers who are choosing their next home.

Shoppers in the housing market can assist their Virginia realtor by providing them with their space requirements. It’s also beneficial to inform the realtor if those measurements might change soon. Buyers with the potential for roommates or a growing family should take into consideration that, while they may only need a smaller home now, their space requirement could expand significantly in the near future. A common complaint amongst new home owners once they have settled into their residence is that they wish they had purchased a larger house.

Virginia homes for sale exist within various neighborhoods throughout Richmond, each with a different living experience to offer. A buyer may have to weigh the options of purchasing a home with more square footage that’s not in their ideal area, and buying a home that offers less space but exists in their favorite neighborhood. While every situation is different, it’s advantageous to the shopper to look into the option of renovating to expand the current structure of a home. The buyer can then enter into the bidding process with a price in mind that will allow them to make the altercations they’d like once they’ve purchased the residence.

With older homes, prices vary depending on many factors including location, property, and size. Whether there are renovations to be secured or more homes to compare, it is important for the buyer to be confident in the square footage of a house before they commit to purchasing their new home in Virginia.