These Upgrades Will Keep Your Garage Warm this Winter

Winter is upon us, especially in the state of Georgia. This winter, Atlanta has seen snowfalls of several inches, blizzards for days at a time, road closures and worse. Just imagine what that’s doing to your home. For those who have made the choice to convert that two-car garage into a game room, the problem is even worse. The temperature can drop so low that watching football in a Sunday can actually feel unappealing. That’s not right, and these tips will help you make sound decision on which upgrades will offer supreme value for your home.

When it’s Time for an Upgrade

For most first-time home buyers, it can take several years before the true flaws in a home start to become apparent. One of the first places to look is in the garage, where aluminum or metal doors seem like an affordable and modern alternative. The problem is they do a very poor job of keeping the cold air out of your space.

Upgrade or Insulate?

Wood is going to have a much higher r-value than metal, but it won’t last as long against the elements. Fiberglass is another alternative, which offers both great protection and durability from the winter elements. These elements must be balanced before you opt for a garage door installation in Atlanta.

An upgrade is costly, and might not always be necessary thanks to advances in insulation. The average garage door repair in Kennesaw, Ga, no doubt offers services to insulate the inside of your garage. Standard insulation kits won’t cost more than a few hundred dollars, including labor.

One of your best options is batt insulation, which is flexible and embedded into the door itself. The insulation is made of fiberglass, and it’s one of the most affordable options of the lot. Foam board also works surprisingly well. You can find panels in ½ inch thickness

Reflective insulation can be another effective option, especially if you’re in a warmer climate. This insulation tends to reflect radiant heat, and it’s typically applied to another form of insulation. One of the more expensive options to be sure, but worth the cost during summer time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re set on upgrading then you can expect an installation to take roughly a day or two if the materials are in stock. The major decision then lies between wood and fiberglass, so make sure you invest in some weather treatment solutions if you decide to opt for wood.
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