Why memory foam mattress toppers wear out quickly

Written by The Foam Factory

Although you may intend to invest in an expensive memory foam topper or add memory foam to your cushions, you may be surprised to note that they have a very short lifespan. Here are the main reasons why.

Thickness – If your memory foam topper is thin (approximately 1-2 inches thick) it will weaken and crumble within a short period of time. Topper foam replacement can help to stretch the life of your foam and mattress for a few more years.

Overlay – Most often memory foam toppers are added to an existing mattress. Therefore if your existing mattress is worn out the chances are that your memory topper will sag and contour unevenly.

Overweight – If you are obese, your memory topper will endure extra pressure, which can cause damage to the foam. The extra weight can also cause the foam topper to crumble and deteriorate.

If you intend to invest in memory form toppers, ensure that your mattress is relatively new and is of good quality. It is best to opt for memory foam toppers that are 3 inches or more to get the most comfort and durability.

For spaces like RV’s seating and marine foam cushions, it is best to buy memory foam toppers that are specifically designed for this purpose. This is mainly because of the size of these spaces and the fact that they tend to be exposed to different weather conditions.


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